Winter pruning in ground bed

winter pruning of my ground growing bed has begun .time to reshape the trunks via selective pruning .
iIt has taken30 months to produce a reasonable trunk and nebari.

Many of the deciduous trees will be removed this year in late winter . They will then be root pruned and grown on for another year to define main branches and begin the ramification process. Many of the trunks have developed to over 60 mm in this time and nebari,s have reached 100 mm.
Shown here are golden pyracantha and Japanese flowering cherry. Had these two trees been grown in pots their development would be considerably lacking.
The next stage of growth will also help to reduce scaring from larger cuts.

Some of the field grown trees potted up. August 2021

Japanese white pine development example 3

Field grown Japanese white pine  white pine 3 Branch selection
The first 2 main braches 
have been used to create the
basic shape of the tree. 
  • After binding the lower section of each branch with
    bicycle tube branches were
    heavily wired and bent into shape . Front view of shaped tree
    after finer wiring of small
    branchesBack view if wired tree
  • The tree was dried out for 2 weeks prior to wiring.
    Major trunk will be removed in July or august when tree is dormant.
Major trunk has been removed. Now in a bonsai training pot,the remains of the original trunk will be carved off in the future

Japanese white pine development example 2

 Field grown Japanese white pine with some initial branch selections having already been made whilst growing in the ground. Japanese  white pine 2 .     After growing in the pot for 2 years , initial styling has been made .  Note the top of the tree has been bound and covered during this stage .

yHere minor branches have been wired and a possible planting angle selected. 

The next stage of development will be to place in a training pot . Hopefully around early September 2020 . At this stage the unwanted portion of the tree will be removed . Further styling will take place from then on .  Stay tuned for updated photos in the future.


en wired and a  possible planting angle selected.

Long needle Japanese red pine development

This long needle Japanese red pine was initially purchased by Sugoi Bonsai as a very neglected overgrown tree. The intent was to give it a new lease on life as a bonsai . After repotting into new soil the tree then underwent major branch removal and shortening.   Wiring and branch positioning was then undertaken.The next stage will be an attempt to produce back buds . Heavy feeding will be required in order to achieve this . 

I hope to repot this tree in August 2020 into a training Bonsai pot if new buds have been created .
I’m sure you’ll agree the initial training process has been quite successful .   New photos will be added as the tree continues to develop . It is estimated that this red pine is at least 35 years old so progress may be a little slow .